Color Management

Color management is a process of accurately guiding a digital image on its voyage from one device to the next: beginning with the camera to the computer/monitor and on to the printer. Each step requires a unique “profile” to insure that the white remains white, the grays remain neutral, and the colors match digital known values for each swatch in the color control targets.

camera profiling
Camera Profiling

The challenge begins with our Better Light camera system for scanning a huge “color space” (Adobe RGB) containing many millions of unique colors. By using industry standard color targets we create an “icc profile” that will correct any minor variations in colors and gray scale.

monitor profiling
Monitor Profiling

The next step is to open the scanned file on our state-of-the-art MAC computer with a monitor designed for accurate color reproduction. The Xrite software is displaying over a hundred industry standard colors to be analyzed by the spectrometer to create an icc profile so that the image that appears on the monitor will be accurate.

printer Profiling
Printer Profiling

Even the excellent fine-art printers can vary slightly from another of the same model, so it is necessary that each printer be profiled as well as each brand of paper and canvas to maintain the accurate colors & black levels. Shown here is the spectrometer analyzing a print-out of color targets printed on our Epson printer.